Sensuous Massage in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“I am.. The Enchanted Mystical Massage Goddess Simone, I would love to guide you on a relaxing and fulfilling voyage that will take you to the ultimate in massage and relaxation.”




Relating to or involving gratification of the senses, especially sexual gratification: sensual indulgence; sensualdesires. See Synonyms at sensuous.

Sexually attractive: sensual mouth.

Given to or preoccupied with gratification of the senses.

Full body Tantric massage with The Goddess Simone in Victoria, BC, Canada, for example.

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Debra Simone - Massage Goddess on the Beach in Victoria, BC, Canada

Caressed by Living Light

I will immerse you in the warmth of hot oil and my hands will stroke you erotically with slow, intimate caresses, covering you gently with my soft and silky hard body, prolonging your pleasure. That is only the start of the ultimate pleasures I have in store for you. It’s quite possible that, as you fall deeper and deeper into a blissful state of relaxation and heaven, being your Enchantress and Goddess I will stimulate you to an overwhelmingly powerful release, culminating in a total mind-blowing massage, the likes of which you may never have experienced before.

Savour Every Moment of Loving, Healing, Feminine Touch…

Rest assured that, by the time you leave the magical harem of Enchantress and Goddess Simone, you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and pleasured beyond words! I offer In-call services, and out-call services to major hotels only. Full Service is Not-Negotiable

Please enjoy your stay here! Hugs and Kisses Simone CEO Mystic Massage

“Loving Touch with Healing Intent; Tantric, Erotic, Sensuous Massage in Victoria, British Columbia”

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